Chicago Coin Club - Show Handouts

From 1989 through 2011, the club has prepared a handout for all attendees at the meeting held in conjunction with the Chicago International Coin Fair. Under the general heading of Odd and Curious Money, each folder contains a modern reproduction of the item in question, along with much history surrounding it.

In 1996, the club started a similar handout for the meeting in conjunction with the Chicago Paper Money Exposition. Each handout looks at a bank from the Chicago area; illustrating some of the money it issued, along with a history of that bank.

Some club medals and handouts are still available for purchase. See the order form for pricing and availability.

CICF Handouts

Date Author Topic
April 8, 1989 Robert D. Leonard Jr. Leather Money
1990 Kent M. Froseth Plate Money
March 9, 1991 Robert D. Leonard Jr. The Stone Money of Yap
March 21, 1992 Robert D. Leonard Jr. Native American Copper Axe Money
February 27, 1993 Robert D. Leonard Jr. California Clamshell Money
April 16, 1994 Robert D. Leonard Jr.
and Steven G. Zitowsky
Pacific Island Bark Cloth Money
March 25, 1995 Robert D. Leonard Jr.
and Robert Weinstein
Chinese Knife Money
March 30, 1996 Robert D. Leonard Jr. African Trade Beads
April 5, 1997 Robert D. Leonard Jr. Woven Cloth Money
March 14, 1998 Robert D. Leonard Jr. Manillas - Money of West Africa
April 10, 1999 Robert D. Leonard Jr. Kissi Kilindi Money
April 8, 2000 Robert D. Leonard Jr. Civil War Postage Stamp Money
April 28, 2001 Robert D. Leonard Jr. Obsidian - Money of the Stone Age
April 6, 2002 Robert D. Leonard Jr. Gold Dust Currency
April 26, 2003 Robert D. Leonard Jr. Salt and Pepper Money
May 1, 2004 Robert D. Leonard Jr. Chinese Bamboo Money
April 23, 2005 Robert D. Leonard Jr. Togo Stone Money
April 1, 2006 Robert D. Leonard Jr. Cocoa Bean Money
April 28, 2007 Robert D. Leonard Jr. Modern Cigarette Money
April 26, 2008 Robert D. Leonard Jr. Fur Money
April 25, 2009 Robert D. Leonard Jr. Cornaline d’Aleppo Trade Beads
April 24, 2010 Robert D. Leonard Jr. Cowry Shell Money
April 16, 2011 Robert D. Leonard Jr. “Trade Wind” (Indo-Pacific) Beads

CPMX Handouts

Date Author Topic
February 24, 1996 Robert W. Feiler Merchants and Mechanics Bank of Chicago
February 15, 1997 Robert W. Feiler Bank of Chicago
February 21, 1998 Robert W. Feiler Phenix Bank (Chicago)
February 20, 1999 Michael Metras George Smith’s Certificates of Deposit
February 19, 2000 Carl Wolf,
Steve Zitowsky,
and William A. Burd
Potter Palmer’s Merchant Scrip
March 3, 2001 Robert Feiler
and Michael Metras
The City Bank
March 2, 2002 Jeffrey Rosinia
and William Burd
The First National Bank of Chicago
February 22, 2003 Jeffrey Rosinia
and William Burd
Interstate National Bank of Hegewisch
February 28, 2004 Jeffrey Rosinia Union Stock Yard National Bank of Chicago
March 19, 2005 Jeffrey Rosinia Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago ($2-1914)
March 11, 2006 Jeffrey Rosinia Union National Bank of Chicago
March 29, 2008 Dennis Ciechna
and Jeffrey Rosinia
Lawndale National Bank of Chicago
March 7, 2009 Jeffrey Rosinia Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago ($5-1918)
March 20, 2010 Jeffrey Rosinia Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago ($10,000-1934)
March 12, 2011 Jeffrey Rosinia The Traders National Bank of Chicago ($5-1865)
March 10, 2012 Jeffrey Rosinia The Chicago Clearing House Association ($1-1907 scrip)
March 9, 2013 Jeffrey Rosinia Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago ($5,000-1934)

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