7th Congress.
No. 172.
1st Session.


Communicated to Congress, February 18, 1802.

Gentlemen of the Senate,
    and of the House of Representatives:

I lay before both Houses of Congress, for their information, the report from the Director of the Mint now enclosed.


February 17th, 1802.

. . . . . . . .

Mint of the United States, Januuary 1st, 1802.


I have the honor of enclosing the annual report upon the present state of the mint, for the information o Government,

And am, very respectfully, your obedient humble servant,


The President of the United States.

. . . . . . . .

Mint of the United States, Januuary 1st, 1802.

The Director of the Mint respectfully reports to the President, the amount of the coin issued from the mint of the United States from the 31st day of December, 1800, to the 31st day of December, 1801, inclusive, as particularised in the following abstract:

Gold Coins.
Eagles. Half Eagles. Dollars. Total.
Quarter ending 31st March, 1801, 3,558 8,552 78,190
Do. do. 30th June, do. 2,931 10,725 82,935
Do. do. 30th Sept. do. 11,110 111,100
Do. do. 31st Dec. do. 11,655 6,759 150,345
-------- -------- --------
29,254 26,006 $422,570 00
Silver Coins.
Dollars. Half Dollars. Dimes. Half Dimes. Dollars Cts.
Quarter ending 31st March, 1801, 34,406 9,260 16,100 36,137 00
Do. do. 30th June, do. 8,500 8,500 00
Do. do. 30th Sept. do. 10,786 8,160 8,120 3,960 15,876 00
Do. do. 31st Dec. do. 762 22,129 17,260 13,850 14,245 00
-------- -------- -------- -------- --------
54,454 30,289    34,640 33,910 $74,758 00
Copper Coins.
Cents. Dollars Cts.
Quarter ending 30th Sept., 1801, 505,000 5,050 00
Do. do. 31st Dec. do. 857,837 8,578 37
-------- --------
1,362,837 $13,628 37
======== ======== ------------
Total amount of coins issued by the mint, from 1st January to the 31st of December, 1801, $510,956 37

The Director esteems it his duty to mention that the greatest part of the gold bullion was received in ingots and lumps, imported from foreign ports, which, had it not been for the mint, would have been exported as remittances to Europe, but has now become an addition to the current coin of the United States.

It becomes necessary for the Director again to mention, that the amount of cents issued from the mint have long since exceeded the sum of 50,000 dollars, amounting now in the whole to $93,019 19. The law requires that, after the expiration of six calendar months from the time when there shall have been paid into the Treasury, by the Director, in cents and half cents, a sum not less than $50,000, which time shall, forthwith, be announced by the Treasurer of the United States, in at least two newspapers published. at the seat of Government, no copper coin, whatever, except the cents and half cents, shall pass current in the United States. If this has been, heretofore, done, it has not come to the Director’s knowledge.

All which is respectfully submitted to the President,

by his very obedient humble servant,

ELIAS BOUDINOT, Director of the Mint.

To the President of the United States.