3d Congress.
No. 71
2d Session.


Communicated to the Senate, by the President of the United States, November 20, 1794.

Mint of the United States, 28th October, 1794.


The expenses of the mint have hitherto been chiefly applied only preparatory towards carrying on the business of the establishment; in erecting the necessary buildings, furnaces for melting, refining, and assaying, &c. (for which purpose it has been found necessary to purchase an additional lot of ground) and the very extensive machinery used in the different operations of coining; nearly one million of cents have, however, been coined, and paid into the treasury of the United States, and a beginning has been made in coining the precious metals; near 120,000 ounces of bullion have already been deposited in the mint for coinage, a considerable quantity of which, being too base for the standard of the United States, has, in part, been successfully refined by the assayer, who is still going on with that process. A large parcel of blank dollars is ready for coining, waiting for a more powerful press to be finished, in order to complete them for currency.

A large quantity of copper still remains on hand, part of it not yet refined. This will be wrought occasionally, so as not to interfere with the silver coinage.

I am, with the most perfect esteem, sir, yours, &c.


Edward Randolph, Esq. Secretary of State.