Volume 68 No. 1 January, 2022

2022 CCC Dues are Due

It is that time of year again. Please pay your 2022 dues.

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Minutes of the 1235th Meeting

The 1235th meeting of the Chicago Coin Club was held as the annual Club banquet at Maggiano’s Oakbrook, Illinois starting at 6:00 PM CST, Wednesday December 8, 2021. The meeting was in-person only, with 50 members and guests; no online portion was held.

President Lyle Daly welcomed all the members and guests, then called for an abbreviated business meeting to put forth matters of business that required addressing before the year end. Lyle reviewed the evening’s agenda and a brief statement about the Short Snorter note opportunity for the evening.

Short Snorter

Each attendee’s program contained a new crisp serialized one-dollar bill in a protector sleeve attached to the back of the evening’s program. In keeping with the tradition of Short Snorters during WWII, in which military traveling together would sign each other’s currency, club members were encouraged to have their fellow banquet attendees sign their notes.

New Business

Carl Wolf announced a motion was unanimously passed at the November Board meeting to purchase additional hexagonal bronze speaker medals for the ANA’s World’s Fair of Money® “Money Talks” Speakers. Due to the dollar amount, this requires approval by the general membership. Carl made the motion to purchase 80 medals at approximately $2,500.00 plus freight. The motion unanimously passed.

New Members

Being an official CCC meeting, Secretary Scott McGowan announced that the club received three new Membership Applications. In keeping with the club by-laws regarding membership, in that new member applications must be submitted in person at a meeting for their first application reading, Scott read the names of Connor Cambria, Brandon Jansen, and Richard Jozefiak. The second reading will be at the January Club meeting.


Following the banquet meal, first Vice President John Riley announced the evening’s program: Clifford Mishler on The State of the American Numismatic Association – Today and Tomorrow. CCC member and ANA Governor Cliff Mishler provided an insider’s view of today’s ANA in this forward-looking discussion around maintaining a parent organization that is vital and mutually beneficial; also featuring Joseph E. Boling, ANA Vice President and Shanna Schmidt, ANA Governor. Following the presentation, John presented education certificates and speaker’s medals.


Cabeen Award: Second Vice President Melissa Gumm announced the annual CCC Cabeen Awards which were introduced in 1969, after a donation by Mr. Cabeen, as an annual award for excellence in exhibiting. Mark Wieclaw was awarded first place, Deven Kane was awarded second place, and Joe Boling and Dale Lukanich each received honorable mention. Each was presented with the Medal with neck ribbon.

Medal of Merit: Mark Wieclaw announced the 2021 Medal of Merit recipients, Deven Kane and Scott McGowan, and presented each with the 2½” diameter bronze medal.

Hall of Fame: Deven Kane announced the 2021 inductees into Chicago Coin Club Hall of Fame. Introduced in 2019 for the club’s 100th Anniversary, the CCC Hall of Fame recognizes club members of longevity who have greatly serviced the numismatic community. Deven announced that in keeping with the 2020 inductees, the committee selected one past and one current member. The 2021 announced inductees were Dr. Saul Needleman and Robert D. Leonard, Jr.

President Lyle Daly called the meeting adjourned at 9:43pm.

The next CCC meeting will be Wednesday January 12, 2022 at 6:45pm CST, and will be held in-person and online.

Respectfully Submitted,
Scott A. McGowan, Secretary

Donation Credits for the Banquet
The Chicago Coin Club wishes to thank club members Sharon and Kevin Blocker who have generously donated funds to underwrite portions of tonight’s banquet, the Chicago Coin Company for the hors d’oeuvres, and banquet committee Bob Feiler, John Riley, and Jeff Rosinia.

Speaker’s Wor[l]d
The State of the American Numismatic Association – Today and Tomorrow

presented by Clifford Mishler, with Joseph E. Boling and Shanna Schmidt,
to our December 8, 2021 banquet meeting.

Perhaps never has it been more evident that change is a constant, and to succeed in any endeavor it is almost always necessary to adapt. Worldwide pandemic events of the past two years have accelerated different challenges now in front of the American Numismatic Association’s Board and the A.N.A. is confronted with demographic “shifts” and skyrocketing costs the likes of which we haven’t seen before – and for a variety of reasons.

With myself, A.N.A. Vice-President Joseph Boling, and Governor Shanna Schmidt, all of us Chicago Coin Club members, we are offering some insight and taking away valued input about the state of today’s A.N.A. and what we can all do to foster the relationships, teamwork, and fiscal realities that keep our organization healthy and viable for 2022 and the future. This presentation is necessarily “open-ended,” our Board takes pride in being forward-looking during these times and all improvement/ enhancement recommendations from member collectors, dealers, and organization members are valued equally.

First of all, CONVENTIONS. Times have changed and the auction scene, long considered the main event of the National Money Show® and World’s Fair of Money®, is no longer a personal interaction. With Virtual auctions offering significantly reduced expenses and increased on-line visibility, a remote event is an undeniable convenience for all parties. Accordingly, the trend will be for less auctions and more emphasis on donations to sustain the A.N.A.’s “bottom line.” Thank you, Shanna Schmidt for your contributions to this topic as you are hands-on and you hear the feedback of what is and isn’t working at convention auctions – you see first hand the current trends and preferences through your own professional coordination with auction houses here in the United States as well as in Europe.

Location of A.N.A. events has always meant balancing convention center needs with collectors and dealers. Anchoring the Convention in Chicago has proven to be of economic sense for several years now due to a central local location and minimizing venue set-up: the inherent costs around advance hotel booking as well as strategic deployment and movement of all the physical structure material needed to run a major coin show. That said, other parts of the country should have a chance to host their own show. The National Money Show® in the Spring has disappointed economically lately and this is proving to be a thorny problem with no immediate solution in sight. Do we continue it in different locations?

COVID precautions, along with sales tax issues and transportation considerations, will continue to be the major convention location-determining factor in the short run. We can agree on an emphasis going forward to be more aware of local requirements and to strive to be as “up front” as possible to prepare attendees beforehand, including the general public, for legal compliance rules and what to expect when attending our conventions.

Shifting to the A.N.A.’s EDUCATIONAL MISSION, let me point out that the Dwight Manley Library is reopened now to full service – and to all the benefits that association members receive. This opportunity should not be understated and should be promoted more at the club and regional levels. Similarly, let’s push more on the wonderful Summer Seminar every year in Colorado Springs, Colorado. As Joe Boling points out, there are abundant scholarship availabilities for Young Numismatists to attend and we must do more to involve them in all of our club and association interactions. But we should also be enhancing the Summer Seminar scholarship opportunities for mature collectors. eLearning exploration and initiatives are critical to any future Association success – the pandemic has hastened that realization and we all can also agree that there are continual needs to improve the A.N.A. site to make it as “friendly” as possible to users of any age or technical ability. Your Board recognizes the computer experience will become only more significant going forward.

Finally, MARKETING. We feel the A.N.A. has been weak on identifying “who our members are” and where they come from in terms of their specific interests and the interplay of their own personal backgrounds. By recognizing and promoting the modern member the American Numismatic Association can better satisfy the different needs of the collector and dealer of 2022. Taking a poll tonight on print versus Internet access to The Numismatist magazine – the Organization’s flagship – we see that a majority of members still prefer the printed version in their hands. We are exploring whether this is the preferred format at all levels, as one of the savings proposals seriously under consideration at this time is to provide The Numismatist annually in nine printed paper magazines and three as online-only versions. Stay tuned on this and keep your Regional Representatives informed on your preferences.

Finally, the Board must also work harder to penetrate outside communities for visibility and mutual benefit; we expect to enhance A.N.A. exposure much more at state and regional hobby events in the coming year or two. We consider the “Roadshow” a potentially great benefit for local publicity and a minimal cost-added draw for fabled rarities from the A.N.A.’s museum to periodically travel to regional events – who doesn’t stop in their tracks at the chance to see up close and personal a million dollar coin such as the 1913 Liberty 5-cent coin or the 1804 dollar? This sort of thing makes for exceptional (and free) local newspaper and television coverage for the hobby.

We expect to push hard in the coming year on all of the wonderful efforts and initiatives that Joe, Shanna, and I have touched on tonight. I can assure you this Board is committed to delivering.

Thank you very much for the reception as well as for all of your suggestions tonight and enthusiastic interaction!

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A Tool to Aid in Building an Exhibit

by Paul Hybert.

In my notes in the November, 2021 Chatter, I made a passing mention to an online effort to encourage and support new exhibitors. This article officially announces that effort.

The effort is inspired by some in-person workshops held some years ago, by the Chicago Coin Club, on building an exhibit for presentation at an ANA convention. Although the goal of building exhibits for ANA conventions remains the same, this effort will only use online resources – allowing it to be used by remote members, too! The initial work will be the online presentation of images of draft exhibit frames, to be followed by providing feedback to the exhibitor.

The overview page of this project is at: Please check out the page, and at least one of the three award-winning exhibits by following its link from that page.

Steve Zitowsky, Chair of our club’s Local Host Committee for the 2022 World’s Fair of Money®, has accepted this effort – I will be responsible for it as a member of the Exhibit sub-committee. The only help from the committee during development would be in reviewing the look and feel of the trial page(s) we develop from some old exhibits – comments as to the usefulness would be appreciated, and suggested improvements, too.

To make the ongoing effort work, some volunteers will be needed to offer comments on the submitted draft exhibits. I hope that some experienced club-member exhibitors and judges will volunteer, as they did years ago when we ran a series of in-person clinics on building an exhibit. Maybe we could add an Exhibits channel in the club’s “Discord” discussion program, to allow for feedback by the volunteers – this would also drive traffic to our Discord program.

The application deadline for the Collector Area Exhibits at the 2022 World’s Fair of Money is June 15, so start thinking about your exhibits now! If you would like to use this online resource to help you develop your exhibit, please email me at my personal address or at the Editor’s email address. I would also like to hear from club members who might be interested in saving their exhibit in this manner.

Our 1236th Meeting

Date: January 12, 2022
Time: 6:45PM CST (UTC-06:00)
Location: Downtown Chicago
At the Chicago Bar Association, 321 S. Plymouth Court, 3rd or 4th floor meeting room. Please remember the security measures at our meeting building: everyone must be prepared to show their photo-ID and register at the guard’s desk.
This will be our second attempt at a regular in-person meeting in the Covid-19 era. We will try to support remote viewers, but please be prepared for possible diifficulties.
Online: For all the details on participating online in one of our club meetings, visit our Online Meeting webpage at Participation in an online meeting requires some advance work by both our meeting coordinator and attendees, especially first-time participants. Please plan ahead; read the latest instructions on the day before the meeting!
Featured Program: Jeffrey A. AmelseBarbarous Late Roman and Byzantine Coins
Barbarous coins were smattered throughout the Roman and Byzantine empires. Barbarous radiates became quite prolific between 268 and about 274 AD, and it is likely that at least some of the barbarous radiates were produced into the early 280s. Their value was most certainly not equal to that of the official issues. They likely circulated locally and fulfilled the role of token coinage during periods of acute coin shortages. Examples of these will be shown, along with barbarous Byzantine coins, and some extremely rare barbarous coins produced in Sri Lanka. It is believed that Roman traders brought demonetized and worn small Roman coins from the Roman Empire (where they had almost no value) all the way to Sri Lanka, probably in the early 5th century. When more coins were needed (but not available), local imitations of these Roman coins were minted. These are extremely crude, poorly made, and never found well-struck or in high quality. They are fascinating and unusual, showing stylized and misunderstood Roman designs.

Important Dates

Unless stated otherwise, our regular monthly CCC Meeting is in downtown Chicago (supporting remote attendees) on the second Wednesday of the month; the starting time is 6:45PM CT.

January 12 CCC Meeting - Featured Speaker - Jeffrey A. Amelse on Barbarous Late Roman and Byzantine Coins
February 9 CCC Meeting - Featured Speaker - Rick Ewing on Engraving Errors on Small Size U.S. Currency
March 9 CCC Meeting - Featured Speaker - to be announced
March 10-12 ANA’s National Money Show at the Broadmoor Resort, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Details at
April 13 CCC Meeting - Club Auction - no featured speaker
April 28-30 83rd Anniversary Convention of the Central States Numismatic Society at the Schaumburg Renaissance Hotel & Convention Center, 1551 North Thoreau Drive, Schaumburg, IL. There is a $5 per day admission charge, a 3-day pass for $10, and (maybe) free admission for CSNS Life Members. For details, refer to their website,
April 30 CCC Meeting - 1pm at the CSNS Convention, which is held at the Schaumburg Convention Center. No admission charge for our meeting.
Featured Speaker - to be announced

ANA Convention: Host Club Committee Meetings

Unless stated otherwise, these meetings will be online only.

January 19 Wednesday 7:00pm
February 15 Tuesday 7:00pm
March 16 Wednesday 7:00pm
April 20 Wednesday 7:00pm
May 17 Tuesday 7:00pm
June 15 Wednesday 7:00pm
July 20 Wednesday 7:00pm

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Club Officers

Elected positions:
Lyle Daly- President
John Riley- First V.P.
Melissa Gumm- Second V.P.
William Burd- Archivist
Directors:Deven Kane
Mark Wieclaw
Carl Wolf
Steve Zitowsky
Appointed positions:
Richard Lipman- Immediate Past President
Scott McGowan- Secretary
Elliott Krieter- Treasurer
Paul Hybert- Chatter Editor, webmaster
Jeffrey Rosinia- ANA Club Representative


All correspondence pertaining to Club matters should be addressed to the Secretary and mailed to:
P.O. Box 2301

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