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Volume 53 No. 7 July 2007

Editor's Notes

Sorry for this thin issue — the write-ups from the two featured talks at our June meetings will be in the next isuue, along with a trip report from ANA Summer Seminar.

Every year, some club members submit trip reports about the ANA summer convention. Reports are accepted from all club members, so do not be shy. Submit something while it is all fresh in your memory

No need to list everything that happened there; a few paragraphs on your highlights of the convention is fine. Make us stay-at-homes want to attend the 2007 Milwaukee convention!

Paul Hybert

Minutes of the 1062nd Meeting

June 13, 2007

Session I of the 1062nd meeting of the Chicago Coin Club was called to order by President Robert Feiler with 19 members and 1 guest, Robert B. Slobins.

The May Minutes as printed in the Chatter were approved as published. Treasurer Steve Zitowsky reported for the month of May $331.00 in receipts, $520.07 in expenses and $10,954.28 in the treasury. His report was approved as read. The application for membership of Robert B. Slobins received a second reading and a motion was made and passed to accept him into the Club.

First V.P. Jeff Rosinia introduced the featured speaker, Mike Gasvoda, who delivered a program on The Propaganda Coinage of Augustus — 27 BC 14 AD. Following the talk, Jeff presented Mike with an educational certificate from the American Numismatic Association.

The 10 exhibitors for the evening were: MARK WIECLAW — 1964 Kennedy half dollar with painted embellishments, cast issue antoninianus of Galerius (305-311 AD), gold aureus of Aelius (135-6 AD), silver tetradrachm from the Alexandria Mint; DAVID GUMM — paper currency weight for large-sized bank notes; DONALD DOOL — 2 exhibitor medals from the 2007 Central States Numismatic Society (CSNS) show in St. Louis, first place award (foreign coins before 1700) from the same convention, 1621 pfennig from Fürsten, 1621 III heller from Goldberg, 1850s 1/8th real local Mexican issue for Zamora, 1814 50 centimes from Palma Nova, and Polish 1610 3-groszy contemporary counterfeit; STEVE HUBER — a double-taler probably struck in Frankfort showing Napoleon III but claimed as a pattern coin by both France and Germany, and a 1791 proof set from Sierra Leone; STEVE ZITOWSKY — coin weight English half guinea with head of George III, PW (pennyweight) 2, G (guinea)16, teapot (?) counterstamp, a 1598 German jeton not listed in Needleman’s book, and a Hultsdorf Mills, Colombo, Ceylon black vulcanite token given to workers after picking 100-weight of coffee beans; MIKE GASVODA — a gold aureus of Galba (68-69 AD) completing his set of the gold coins of the twelve Caesars; ROBERT LEONARD — die duplicate from ANS specimen of a Crusader bezant of the county of Tripoli (1130-1160 AD) with evidence of jewelry mount removal, a crusader bezant of Kingdom of Jerusalem (1191-1210 AD) with jewelry mount damage, Dinar of Ayyubid Sultan Al-‘Adil Abu Bakr II (1237-1239 AD) with evidence of mount damage; ROBERT SLOBINS — Brazilian 1699 20-reis in VF, 1893, 1901 and 1908 40-reis in BU, 1895 200-reis in AU+, and 1684 German 1/5 thaler, 18-groschen from Duchy of Brandenburg; ROBERT WEINSTEIN — silver obol of Eukratides King of Bactria, fouree copy of obol Eukratides, silver drachm of Indo-Greek King Diomedes, copper coin of Indo-Greek King Achebios, bronze coin of Scythian King Akossa, bronze coin of Celtic King Ailios. and bronze coin commemorating City of Rome; LYLE DALY — tokens and recent fare cards from the Chicago Transit Authority and 6 Canadian war nickels.

Under old business, Carl Wolf reported on the availability of a new meeting space. With Jeff Rosinia, they viewed meeting rooms at the Chicago Temple, Washington and Clark, where the largest room rents for $60 and would meet the Clubs minimum requirements. The Chicago Bar Association, 321 S. Plymouth Court, has a room that seats 45-50 for $90. Member Jared Irish works for a downtown firm that has a room that seats 60 theatre style but he has not heard if it’s available to our group.

Members were reminded that the Club will meet at 11 AM on Saturday, June 23 in conjunction with the Mid-America Coin Expo. Due to a conflict with the Milwaukee ANA convention, the Club’s August 8 meeting is moved to August 15.

A recess was called at 9:20 PM and we will be called to order at 11 AM on Saturday, June 23 at the MidAmerica Coin Expo.

Respectfully Submitted,
Carl F. Wolf, Secretary

. . . . . . .

Session II of the 1062nd meeting of the Chicago Coin Club was held in conjunction with the MidAmerica Coin Expo in Rosemont. The meeting took place in the Mr. Lincoln Room at the Doubletree Hotel immediately across the street from the Stephens Convention Center. President Robert Feiler called the meeting to order at 11 AM with 23 members and 4 guests present. A motion was made and passed to follow an abbreviated meeting agenda.

The application for membership of Casimer (Casey) E. Fadze, Chicago, received first reading.

Carl Wolf announced upcoming programs then introduced Paul Cunningham who delivered the program U.S. Military Tokens: Civil War to Present. Following a question and answer period, President Feiler presented Paul with an ANA educational certificate and an engraved Club medal. Club Past-President Robert Leonard was introduced. Robert is the current President of the Token and Medal Society and he gave the membership an overview of the Society’s goals and publications.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:32 AM.

Sincerely Submitted,
Carl F. Wolf, Secretary

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Our 1063rd Meeting

Date:July 11, 2007
Time:7:00 PM
Location:Downtown Chicago
At Dearborn Center, 131 S. Dearborn, 6th Floor, Conference Room 6A (right off the elevator lobby). Please remember the security measures at our meeting building: give a club officer the names of all your guests prior to the meeting day; and everyone must show their photo-ID and register at the guard’s desk.
Featured speaker:John Riley - Pre-World War II Token Issues from Shanghai

Following the Spanish-American War, American financial interests expanded into Asia. Shanghai became the center of an international community of businessmen, profiteers and mercenaries who tapped oil wells, pursued cheap labor, ran gambling houses, etc. Shanghai was a city of extremes with untold extravagance and abject poverty with a rapidly darkening specter of war about to wipe away their free-wheeling system. A student of Asian numismatics for many years, John Riley will share the history and tokens with U.S. connections issued during this era.

Important Dates

July 11 CCC Meeting - Featured Speaker - John Riley on Pre-World War II Token Issues from Shanghai
August 8-12 ANA in Milwaukee - 116th Annual Convention - our regular monthly meeting is postponed one week to avoid a scheduling conflict
August 15 CCC Meeting - Featured Speaker - to be announced
September 12 CCC Meeting - Featured Speaker - Dennis Ciechna on National Banknotes & Memorabilia from the Lawndale National Bank

Birthday and Year Joined

August 11 Clifford Mishler 1995
August 19 Carl F. Wolf 1979
August 20 Melvyn Frear 1989
August 22 Mark Stackler 2007
August 26 Tom DeLorey 1984
August 26 Donald H. Doswell 1960
August 27 Kevin Foley 2007
August 29 James M. Rondinelli 1997

Chatter Matter

All correspondence pertaining to Club matters should be addressed to the Secretary and mailed to:

P.O. Box 2301

Club Officers

Robert Feiler- President
Jeff Rosinia- First Vice President
Lyle Daly- Second Vice President
William Burd- Archivist
Directors:Eugene Freeman
Elliot Krieter
Carl Wolf
Mark Wieclaw
Other positions held are:
Carl Wolf- Secretary
Steve Zitowsky- Treasurer
Paul Hybert- Chatter Editor

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