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Volume 52 No. 11 November 2006

Minutes of the 1054th Meeting

The 1054th meeting of the Chicago Coin Club was called to order October 11, 2006 by President Robert Feiler at 7 PM at Dearborn Center, 131 S. Dearborn, Downtown Chicago. There were 16 members and 1 guest, Andrew Donnelly, present.

The September Minutes were approved as published in the Chatter. The Treasurer’s report was deferred until October. The secretary reported receiving William Noble’s (Grundy) application for life membership. It was reported that general inquiries into Club membership is on the rise.

First V.P. Jeff Rosinia introduced the featured speaker, Andrew Donnelly, who delivered an updated version of his paper Tetrarchic Mint Control, 284-324 AD originally given at the 41st International Congress on Medieval Studies. Following a question and answer period, Jeff presented Andrew with an American Numismatic Association educational certificate and an engraved club medal.

Second V.P. Lyle Daly introduced exhibitors for the evening: WILLIAM BURD: a Chicago Coin Club invitation to the 1920 Chicago ANA convention held at the Art Institute; DONALD DOOL: an undated Dinero of Philip III struck by the Catalonian city of Granollers, a charity token issued about 1550 from the Refectory of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Tournai, an undated XII pfennig issued by the city of Unna located in North Rhine Westphaia, an 1822-3 8-reales from provincial Peru; ROBERT LEONARD: 5 numismatic and numismatic related books recently purchased during a visit in Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria that included The Illyrians to the Albanians, National Museum of Archeology, Bulgaria’s Medieval Coins, 9th 15th Century, plus three catalogs with Cyrillic text; ROBERT FEILER: ancient Roman coins from the reigns of Diocletian (284-305 AD), Aurelian (270-275 AD) and Constantius II (324-337 AD); MARK WIECLAW: Government seal, strapping and case that holds 500 silver eagles, ancient Roman denarius showing Faustina Sr. (141 AD), Caracalla (posthumous), Septimius Severus (193-211 AD) and Philip I (244 AD); EUGENE FREEMAN: 1976 100 franc from Central African Republic, 1978 100 franc from Central African Empire, and an 1854 U.S. Half Dollar from Hashop’s Drug in Texas a seller of Wolf Brand Chili; WINSTON ZACK: 6 high grade Lincoln cents in PCGS slabs; JASON FREEMAN: a “Good Luck” token from Philippines with an elephant motif, an African Wildlife 1-oz. silver coin from Zambia with elephant, and a “Vote Republican” spinner with an elephant image; LYLE DALY: an admission ticket to the 1932 Republican National Convention in Chicago printed by the American Bank Note Company, an article regarding the Monopoly board game going cashless, a key ring charge plate from the mid-1930s from the J.L. Hudson Co. Detroit, MI, and several anonymous issues from the Roman Empire showing Roma, Romulus, and Remus.

Under old business members were reminded to make reservations for the December 13th banquet to be held at Marcello’s Restaurant, 645 W. North Ave., Chicago. Jeff Rosinia and Lyle Daly reported that the meeting site at Chase Bank is okay, but the environment is continually changing. Jeff and the Secretary volunteered to put out some inquiries to other institutions, including the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Robert Leonard reported progress on the 2007 souvenir card on cigarette money. No reports were given on the safe deposit box inventory or the video tape conversion. During a brief discussion on reviving the Coin Discussion Group it was suggested the Club consider holding the sessions at different Chicago area coin dealers. William Burd reported 44 items already on the auction list for the November meeting. Most are from the William Pettit estate and includes a number of coin club medals. Lyle Daly volunteered to conduct a silent auction at the December banquet.

President Feiler appointed a nominations committee consisting of William Burd, Steve Zitowsky, Carl Wolf, and Robert Leonard to present a slate of officers for the December election.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 PM.

Sincerely Submitted,
Carl Wolf, Secretary

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Show and Tell

Items shown at our October 11, 2006 meeting.

  1. Bill Burd showed an item gien to him by a friend: an invitation from the Chicago Coin Club to the ANA meeting at the Art Institute in August, 1920.
  2. Don Dool showed some more undated coppers acquired at the ANA in Denver.
  3. Bob Leonard showed some books he had acquired during his recent trip through Albania, Macedonia, and Bulgaria.
  4. Bob Feiler showed three Roman coins with interesting reverses:
  5. Mark Wieclaw started by updating us on the latest sealing techniques as used for shipping some U.S. mint products. Instead of the lead seals shown us in the past, Mark showed the plastic strapping used on the box holding 500 silver eagles. The most recent shipment had “West Point” imprinted on the strapping along with the “Aug 18” date, while no printing had appeared on previous shipments. His more serious exhibits were two postomous issues and then two issues that are identifiable to a single year.
  6. Eugene Freeman moved here from Texas some years ago, and he managed to work Texas into two of his exhibits:
  7. Winston Zack always liked U.S. cents, especially Lincoln Memorial cents. He showed us some of his proof and mint state coins in PCGS slabs.
  8. Jason Freeman showed pieces bearing elephants:
  9. Lyle Daly showed a range of items:

Our 1055th Meeting

Date:November 8, 2006
Time:7:00 PM
Location:Downtown Chicago
At Dearborn Center, 131 S. Dearborn, 6th Floor, Conference Room 6A (right off the elevator lobby). Please remember the security measures at our meeting building: give a club officer the names of all your guests prior to the meeting day; and everyone must show their photo-ID and register at the guard’s desk.
Member Auction:

Although the deadline for listing lots in the Chatter is past, you can still bring your lots with you to the November meeting. In the past few years, club related material (and Chicago area numismatic items) have realized the best results. Please consider using the club auction to dispose of the numismatic items you no longer need.

You can place a reserve on each lot, and there is no commission charged to either the buyer or seller. Auction lot viewing will be held before the meeting starts, and again briefly before the auction starts.

Please find elsewhere in this issue of the Chatter a listing of all auction lots that were known to us by Tuesday, October 24.

Annual Member Auction

Here are the lots known to us by October 24, 2006. The auction will be held near the start of the meeting, after a short time for lot examination; consignments are accepted until the auction starts.

Material consigned by the W. Pettit estate:

  1. CCC history of leather money with attached leather token #089. Given out at the 843rd meeting on April 8, 1989.
  2. CCC history of Swedish plate money with attached replica. Serial #242. Given out at the 854th meeting in March, 1990.
  3. CCC history of stone money with attached replica. Serial #087. Given out at the 866th meeting on March 9, 1991.
  4. CCC history of axe money with attached replica. Serial #063. Given out at the 878th meeting on March 21, 1992.
  5. CCC history of clamshell money with attached clam shell #051. Given out at the 889th meeting on February 27, 1993.
  6. CCC history of bark cloth money with attached bark cloth #086. Given out at the 903rd meeting on April 16, 1994.
  7. CCC history of Chinese knife money with replica #127. Given out at the 914th meeting on March 25, 1995.
  8. Medal “For Merit of Exhibit” to be awarded at the ANA 75th Anniversary Convention held in Chicago and hosted by CCC in 1966. Reverse of this medal is engraved SPECIMEN and is believed to have been given to one of the committee members as a sample. Bronze. Issued by Medallic Art Co.
  9. Medal “Excellence of Exhibit Chicago Coin Club 1956” reverse is blank. Bonze. Medallic Art Co.
  10. Illinois Sesquicentennial Medal. Contains 4 ounces of silver. Housed in a hard plastic holder in the shape of Illinois.
  11. CCC 800th meeting medal “What’s Past is Prologue”. September 14, 1985. 2 pieces one in bronze and one silvered.
  12. CCC 500th meeting medal. Obverse “Chicago - 1960” with skyline. Reverse “41 Years 500 Meetings” with Club logo. Barrel shaped. Bronze.
  13. Token. Obverse “Central States Numismatic Society” around map of member States. Reverse “CSNS 37th Anniversary Convention Chicago April 30th - May 2nd” with CCC logo in center with “1776 our Nation’s 200th Year 1976”.
  14. Medal. Obverse “Moritz Wormser” with his portrait. Reverse “President of the American Numismatic Association 1924”. Medallic Art Co. Bronze.
  15. Token “75th Anniversary DIA-ANA Convention 1891-1966 Chicago Coin Club”. 2 pieces.
  16. Elongated on a 1919-S Lincoln Cent. “Chicago Coin Club 819th Meeting April 4, 1987 CICF”.
  17. Discoverers Medal commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Chicago Coin Club 1919-1994. Bronze. Number 54 of 165 issued.
  18. Small tri-fold pamphlet titled The Story of the Illinois PROVISIONAL Sales Tax Tokens. Includes a token from Carbondale. Not dated but printed before zip codes.
  19. Illinois Sesquicentennial Medal. Contains approx 1 ounce of silver. 18181968.
  20. Medal. Obverse - Rovelstad’s I Will figure surrounded by “CCC 50th Anniversary 19191969”. Reverse - constellation of stars surrounded by “Chicago Coin Club Docendo Discimus”. Bronze.
  21. Same as #20 above. Silver. Serial #822.
  22. Token. CCC 600th Meeting January 8, 1969.
  23. Lincoln Medallion. Obverse “Lincoln 1809-1865. Reverse “CSNS 19651865 April Centennial & Convention”. Includes a list of events in April of 1865 including the assassination of Lincoln. Bronze.
  24. Token. Obverse “Central States Numismatic Society 17th Convention”. Reverse “Heart of America Numismatic Association 19341959 25th Anniversary”.
  25. Medal. Roosevelt University  Numismatic Education Program Inaugurated September 29, 1965. 2 pieces one base metal and one silver clad proof. Issued by the Franklin Mint.
  26. Morton Grove Coin Club memorabilia  2 elongated coins, one silver dime and one cent commemorating the spring coin festival of May 1969. Another set titled Season’s Greetings 1974. Also, a good luck token dated 1975 and a pocket knife key chain dated 1981.
  27. Token. “Morton Grove Coin Club - Education thru Numismatics - Founded 1964”. Uniface. Also a Lead trial strike of the same token. Also a tiny token with crude engraving “MGCC” and opposite side “1980”.
  28. Token. Obverse “Chicago Numismatic Society”. Reverse “In Commemoration of the 50th Monthly Meeting March 6, 1908”.
  29. Token. Obverse “Chicago Numismatic Society Souvenir Masonic Temple Presidential Greeting at Opening Reception New Rooms May 3rd 1907”. Reverse includes a list of rare US coins and their values.
  30. Token. Obverse “Chicago Coin Club”. Reverse “One Hundredth Meeting June 1, 1927”.
  31. Token issued by Charles H. Lipsky advertising his desire to purchase Illinois trade tokens. Token is stapled to an advertising cardboard. 2 pieces.
  32. Four different tokens from the Central States Numismatic Society 23rd Annual Convention in Chicago 1965. Bus Tour Tokens good for “One Fare”.
  33. Token. Obverse “Central States Numismatic Society  23rd Annual Convention  1965 Chicago”. Reverse “My Fair Lady Banquet  Souvenir”.
  34. Same as 33 above.
  35. Token “The Town House Sheridan Rd. Cor. Morse Ave.  Chicago”. Reverse “Silver Anniversary 1.00 good for food & drinks”.
  36. North Shore Coin Club Tenth Anniversary Token 19581968. Engraved “Educational Award”  “W. Pettit”.
  37. 12 miscellaneous Morton Grove Coin Club tokens and elongateds from the 1970s to 1990.
  38. 11 miscellaneous tokens and elongateds from various private individuals and coin companies. Rarcoa, Leonard Stark, Rich Hartzog, Hamilton Mint, Charles Lipsky and Grant Schmalgemeier.
  39. 10 miscellaneous tokens from various coin clubs including Calumet, ILNA, North Shore, Elgin and Oak Park.
  40. 11 miscellaneous tokens and medals. Six pieces of the Illinois Sesquicentennial medals (four are duplicates). Others include the 1982 National Collectables Exposition; Mount Prospect Golden Anniversary in 1967; Grayville, Illinois Centennial token dated 1955; bus token for the Chicago and Calumet District; and a TWA blue Chip Service token.
  41. Brass Membership Card issued in 1913 and 1914 by the Chicago Branch 1 American Numismatic Association. Obverse “Chicago Branch 1  American Numismatic Association - Membership Card”. Reverse “Receipt for Dues 1914  Issued to Member No. 39”. A scarce piece. The only one I have seen. Issued only for two years 1913 and 1914.

Material from the archives of the Chicago Coin Club.

  1. Correspondence from various coin dealers and clubs to C. Sam Carlson. Majority from the 1930s. Includes, B. Max Mehl, Edgar Adams, Bolender, Elder, Scott, Kenneth Lee, and others. Over 35 items. This correspondence was donated to the club by the family of Carlson after his death in September of 1978. (Several items on CCC stationary were also donated and remain in the club archives).
  2. The American Numismatic Association Centennial History 18911991, by Q. David Bowers, 2 volumes, First Edition 1991, 1744 pages. Hardcover, like new.
  3. Glass ashtray “Welcome to 1965 CSNS Wonderful World of Numismatics”.

Important Dates

November 8 CCC Meeting - Club Auction - no featured speaker
December 13 CCC Meeting - Annual Banquet - Featured Speaker - to be announced

Birthday and Year Joined

December 1 Paul Robertz 2006
December 6 Allen H. Meyer 1990
December 7 Brian C. Stubbs 1980
December 10 Mike Gasvoda 1995
December 16 Michael Schmidt 2000
December 19 William Noble 1980
December 26 Kevin J. Blocker 2000
December 29 Nick Weiss 1996
December 31 Phillip J. Carrigan 1989

Chatter Matter

All correspondence pertaining to Club matters should be addressed to the Secretary and mailed to:

P.O. Box 2301

Club Officers

Robert Feiler- President
Jeff Rosinia- First Vice President
Lyle Daly- Second Vice President
Directors:Phil Carrigan
Carl Wolf
Steve Zitowsky
Mark Wieclaw
Other positions held are:
Carl Wolf- Secretary
Steve Zitowsky- Treasurer
Paul Hybert- Chatter Editor
William Burd- Archivist

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