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Chicago Coin Club
Volume 49 No. 11 November 2003

Editor's Notes

Errors. They get past me, and everyone can see them. I would like to apologize to Tom DeLorey for the terrible spelling of his name in October's print issue of the Chatter.

Although the error is there in print for everyone to see, the online version at the club's web site can and is corrected whenever we are notified of an error, no matter its size. Correctness of information on the web is important; due to both the wide availability of the information as well as its permanence. Although a small error might be identified as such by a knowledgeable reader, a larger error could easily lead astray someone not familiar with us.

Consider a recent request from California; a web search for the Fort Madison, Iowa high school 1948 class valedictorian, using "Iowa" and "James R. Budd," led to an online past issue of the Chatter which, by pure luck, included a new club member from Iowa as well as James' name in the Birthday column. James, a past president of our club, had dropped membership a few years ago; our attempt to find him ended when we found out that he had died on September 23, after a two year struggle with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Also, at our meeting a few months ago, Mark Wieclaw reported his surprise at the result of entering his name on a web search engine; most of the Chatter issues since 2000 include his name at least once, either in business, reports, or show and tell. Although not as bad as the long-ago issues listing members by names and home addresses, even this "publicity" could prove unwanted in some cases. Instead of using full names of members, some clubs would mention "Mark W." in their web pages.

Paul Hybert, editor

Minutes of the 1018th Meeting

President Mark Wieclaw called the 1018th meeting of the Chicago Coin Club to order on October 8, 2003 at 7:00PM. The meeting was held at 1 Bank One Plaza.

The minutes for September were approved.

Treasurers Report:

TCF Checking Account $1,664.18
Bank One CD 1,456.01
Bank One CD 1,457.39
Dreyfus Money Market 1,869.83
TOTAL $6,447.41

There was one guest present, Dean Kandilakis There were nineteen members present.

First Vice-President Bob Feiler talked about upcoming programs. First Vice-President Bob Feiler introduced the speaker for the evening Bob Weinstein. The topic was Indo-Sasanian Coinage.

First Vice-President Bob Feiler thanked Bob for his lecture and presented him with the CCC speaker's medal and an ANA educational award.

There were ten participants in the evening's show and tell. They presented as follows:

Reading of Applications for Membership:
There were no readings for membership.

Old Business:
Lyle Daly talked about the roundtable discussion group. The last speaker was Tom DeLorey on coin conservation. Ten people attended the meeting held at the office of Harlan J. Berk.

Mark Wieclaw said that the 85th Anniversary committee has met but he has nothing to report yet.

The Chinese Tally Sticks for next years CICF give-a-way were delivered.

The cost of the banquet is $45.00 per person. Some members felt this was a bit expensive and suggested we seek a more economical location next year.

New Business:
Member Donn Pearlman has donated a considerable amount of material to the club for its auction. It was suggested that reserves be put on some items and that if they did not sell we could auction them on EBAY.

Motion passed to purchase 50 magnifiers with club name and logo.

Member Alexander Basok was hospitalized with an aneurism.

Meeting adjourned 9:00 PM

Respectfully submitted by Bob Weinstein

Show and Tell

Each image has a scale in the lower-left corner, with the tics spaced 1 mm apart. Because the brightness and contrast were manipulated on a computer, the coloring of a coin's image differs from the coin's actual coloring.

  1. Mark Wieclaw showed old and recent items:
  2. Bob Feiler found nothing at the MidAmerica coin show, until he reached the last aisle.
  3. Bob Leonard showed items acquired while attending the recent 13th International Numismatic Congress in Madrid:
  4. Don Dool showed a book and some British tokens:
  5. Carl Wolf continued his theme of odd and curious money with a 5 pound piece of copper shaped as a car spring. It was relatively easy for the locals to tell if this Ngelene Snake money contained pure copper; pull it and it would stretch if pure, as Carl demonstrated. Carl also mentioned Red Gold of Africa - Copper in Precolonial History and Culture by Eugenia N. Herbert as an excellent reference.
  6. Chuck Jacobs showed some currency for occupied Manchukuo (Manchuria). Japan moved militarily into part of Manchuria in 1895, and Chuck showed a 1902 Yokohama Specie Bank note, and a 1 yen note from Meiji 36 (1903). Russia moved into part of Manchuria in 1900 and built the Cinese Eastern Railway to the new Russian port of Port Arthur, which Japan attacked in 1904, destroying the Russian fleet. A 50 sen note of the Imperial Japanese Army dating to the following period was shown, as was a 10 sen note (same bank) from territory acquired from Germany in World War I. Japan again attacked Manchuria in 1931, and established Manchukuo there in 1932. Chuck showed specimen and issued notes which replaced the Chinese currency in that area. Years of military action and inflation resulted in smaller notes, until the runaway inflation of 1943-45 which ended with the Russian occupation which produced its own currency.
  7. Steve Huber showed some US pattern items:
  8. Lyle Daly continues to find some worn older bank notes in circulation. He showed $100 Federal Reserve notes from Mineapolis and New York. These 1929 series note were issued in 1933, using modified National Currency plates. Lyle briefly summarized the tumultuous U.S. banking situation in early 1933, and pointed out that these notes were backed by bonds deposited in the U.S. Treasury.
  9. Bob Weinstein showed pieces from Central Asia of the White Huns, to complement his presentation on Indo-Sasanian coinage earlier in the meeting.
  10. Steve Rodin showed a recently acquired 1803 U.S. silver dollar. Identified as being the Large 3 variety, it was not identified by Bolender number. The obverse exhibited less detail than the reverse, and the obverse had three sides of a square scratched into the field in front of Liberty. A short discussion about the grading and pricing of such a coin reached no conclusion.

Annual Member Auction

Here are the lots known to us by October 24, 2003. The gaps in the lot numbering are intentional; they simplify our book keeping. The auction will be held near the start of the meeting, after a short time for lot examination; consignments are accepted until the auction starts.

Material donated to Club:

  1. "Baldwin's, Markov, M&M", New York, Jan-03, [Ancients & World], Auction V
  2. "Baldwin's, Markov, M&M", New York, Jan-03, [Ancients & World], Auction V
  3. Friedberg, Gold Coins of the World (book), 1976, [World], 4th edition
  4. Fritz Rudolph Kunker, Germany, Mar-02, [World], #73
  5. Fritz Rudolph Kunker, Germany, Jun-02, [World], #75
  6. Fritz Rudolph Kunker, Germany, Jun-02, [World], #76
  7. Fritz Rudolph Kunker, Germany, Oct-02, [World], #78
  8. Fritz Rudolph Kunker, Germany, Mar-03, [World], #80
  9. Fritz Rudolph Kunker, Germany, Mar-03, [World], #81
  10. Fritz Rudolph Kunker, Germany, Mar-03, [World], #82
  11. Gorny & Misch, Germany, Apr-01, [Medieval & World], #109
  12. Gorny & Misch, Germany, Oct-01, [Medieval & World], #110
  13. Gorny & Misch, Germany, Mar-03, [Medieval & World], #123
  14. Heidelberger Munzhandlung, Germany, Nov-02, [Ancients & World], #37
  15. Heritage, Charlotte-ANA, Mar-03, [US], #316
  16. Heritage, New York, Jul-02, [Ancients & World], Signature Sale
  17. Heritage, Fun-2003, Jan-03, [US], #308
  18. Heritage, Fun-2003, Jan-03, [World], #311
  19. Heritage, Long Beach, Oct-01, [US], Signature Sale
  20. Heritage, Long Beach, Feb-02, [US], Signature Sale
  21. Heritage, Long Beach, Jun-02, [US], Signature Sale
  22. Munzen & Medaillenhandlung, Germany, 2001, [Medieval & World], #12
  23. Ponterio, Long Beach, Jun-01, [US & World], #114
  24. Ponterio, Long Beach, Sep-02, [US & World], #122
  25. "Rarcoa, Superior, Paramount, Stack's", Chicago, Jul-85, [US], Auction '85
  26. Superior, Orlando, Jan-03, [US], Elite Coin
  27. Superior, Long Beach, Feb-03, [US, World & Ancients"], Pre-Long Beach
  28. Udo Gans - Heinz-Gunther Hild, Germany, Sep-01, [World], #18

Duplicates from the Club's archives:

  1. The Centinel (CSNS Journal) (1995 Conv Program, Summer, Fall,; 1996 Spring, Fall) 5 issues
  2. ILNA Coin Digest (1994 Win/Sp; 1995 Sp, Sm, Fl; 1996 Fl) 5 issues
  3. Collecting U.S. Obsolete Currency, PCDA & Gene Hessler, 33pp
  4. The Numismatist, 1949, vol 62, 12 issues unbound & complete
  5. The Numismatist, 1950, vol 63, 12 issues unbound & complete
  6. The Numismatist, 1951, vol 64, 12 issues unbound & complete
  7. The Numismatist, 1952, vol 65, 12 issues unbound & complete
  8. The Numismatist, 1953, vol 66, 12 issues unbound & complete
  9. The Numismatist, 1954, vol 67, 12 issues unbound & complete
  10. The Numismatist, 1955, vol 68, 12 issues unbound & complete
  11. The Numismatist, 1956, vol 69, 12 issues unbound & complete
  12. The Numismatist, the Oct 1954 additional issue with the Membership Directory and By-Laws (called "the thieves roadmap")

Material consigned by members.

  1. Chicago Numismatic Society medal, (Arrival of) U.S.S. Nashville, June 5, 1909; Plaquette in Silver, 76.5 x 38.5mm, with fitted purple-velvet box MB $250
  2. Ben's Coin Co. Fall Festival Sale, Chicago coin Club, Oct 13, 14 & 15, 1961. 1606 lots, cPR
  3. R. Green (Chicago, IL) Public Auction-Chicago Coin Club & Central States Interim Meeting, Hotel La Salle Oct 31, 1953. 1555 lots
  4. Green's Mail Bid sale July 31, 1954. 2328 lots
  5. Bowers & Ruddy Galleries, Nummus Mundi (ancient & world coins). Issue No 1 (3/79), No 2 (Sm 1979), No 3 Wn 1979-80, No 4 Wn 1980-81, Sm 1981
  6. Bowers & Ruddy Galleries, Ancient Coins. Fall 1980, Summer 1981
  7. Empire Coin Co (Johnson City, NY), (an early Bowers & Ruddy & Merena enterprise) Jubilee of Coin Values, 1965 Aug-Sep, 1966 Jan (2 copies)
  1. Chicago Coin Club By-Laws booklet dated February 14, 1919 (but printed in March or April of same year) - 7 pages. Includes By-Laws, list of the 39 club members and list of officers. MB $20
  2. Chicago Coin Club 200th Meeting pamphlet October 2, 1935 - 7 pages and CCC Annual Banquet and Exhibit pamphlet May 21, 1938 - 8 pages. MB $6
  3. The Royal Mint - An Outline History, 24 pages. London 1953. MB $5
  4. Japanese Coin Type Set - 15 circulated coins - glued to a display board.
  5. 1/2 Real - Peru 1762-1770 and One Real - Peru 1737
  1. 2003 Stack's Coin Auction Catalogs, 13 Volumes
  2. 2003 Harlan J. Berk's Buy & Bid Sales, 5 Volumes

Books and Catalogs donated to the Chicago Coin Club by Donn Pearlman:

  1. California Fractional Gold, David Doering, 1982, 2nd Prntg, HC, 196 pages
  2. So-Called Dollars, Hibler and Kappen, 1963, HC, 156 pages
  3. Encyclopedia of US & Colonial Proof Coins, Walter Breen, 1977, HC, 324 pages
  4. Encyclopedia of US Silver & Gold Commemorative Coins Swiatek & Breen, 1981, 2nd Prntg, HC, 362 pages
  5. United States Patterns and Related Issues, Andrew Pollock, 1994, HC, 510 pages
  6. Studies in Early Byzantine Gold Coinage, Hahn & Metcalf, 1988, HC, 142 pages, 24 plates ANS Numismatic Studies No. 17
  7. The Morgan and Peace Dollar Textbook, Wayne Miller, HC, 261 pages
  8. Collecting Paper Money and Bonds, Narbeth, Hendy and Stocker, 1979, HC, 119 pages
  9. Adventures with Rare Coins, (Autographed by author), Q. David Bowers, 1979, HC, 305 pages
  10. Medals of the United States Mint, R. W. Julian, 1977, HC, 424 pages
  11. Morgan & Peace Silver Dollars, (w/ 1977 26 page suppl), Van Allen & Mallis, 1976 Rev. Ed., HC, 316 pages
  12. The Waterford Water Cure, (copy # 127 of 650 - autographed), Q. David Bowers, 1992, HC, 221 pages
  13. Collectible American Coins, (autographed by author), Kenneth E. Bressett, 1991, HC, 320 pages
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  24. Standard Catalog of US Altered & Counterfeit Coins, Hancock & Spanbauer, 1979, HC, 221 pages
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  31. Standing Liberty Quarters, (Revised), (Autographed by Cline), J. H. Cline, 1986, HC, 231 pages
  32. Research Collection of bank notes used in Finland, Hannu Paatela, 1978, HC, 78 pages (autographed by Paatela ) (inside page stamped by USPO at ANA 87th Anniv. Houston) (includes 8 postcards of Finnish bank notes)
  33. Making Money - Rogues & Rascals Who Made Their Own, Edward Rochette, 1986, SC, 118 pages (autographed by Rochette)
  34. another copy of Making Money - not autographed
  35. Photograde, (17th Edition), James F. Ruddy, 1988, SC, 202 pages (includes a form letter from Ray Merena mailing review copies to numismatic writers)
  36. another copy - no letter - 14th edition 1983
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  39. another copy - not autographed - Revised 2nd edition
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  41. The Official Guide to Mint Errors, (autographed by Herbert), Alan Herbert, 1974, SC, 176 pages
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  63. another copy - not autographed and is softcover
  64. From Mexican Days to the Gold Rush, Doyce B. Nunis, Jr., 1993, HC, 389 pages
  65. Coincraft's Standard Catalogue of English & UK Coins 1066 to Date, Richard Lobel, 1995, 1st Edition, SC, 621 pages (includes a letter from the author to Donn Pearlman regarding this new book)
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  72. Bebee's 1954 Bargain Price List of United States Coins, Colonials and Paper Money, etc., SC 54 pages (included are several copies of ads with hand written notes to Donn Pearlman from Aubrey Bebee commenting on prices from the 1950s)
    Auction Catalogs:
  73. Apostrophe Sales - complete set of 10 auction catalogs one for each year from 1979 thru 1988 including prices realized for all years except 1980 and 1987. Auctions were joint effort by Superior, Stacks, Rarcoa, and for several auctions Akers and Paramount. Each sale contained 2000 lots.
  74. Rarcoa - The N. M. Kaufman Collection - August 4-5, 1978 - hardcover - prices realized
  75. Spink/Christies - The Byron Reed Collcetion of Important American Coins and Manuscripts - October 8-9, 1996 - hardcover
  76. Bowers and Merena - The Virgil M. Brand Collection American Coins (Part I) - November 7-8, 1983 - prices realized
  77. Bowers and Merena - The Virgil M. Brand Collection American Coins (Part II) - June 18-19, 1984 - prices realized
  78. Bowers and Merena - Rare Coins from the Abe Kosoff Estate - November 4-6, 1985 - prices realized
  79. Bowers and Merena - The Frederick B. Taylor Collection - March 26-28, 1987 - prices realized
  80. Bowers and Merena - The King of Siam Sale - October 14, 1987 - prices realized
  81. Bowers and Merena - The Norweb Collection - March 24-25, 1988 - prices realized
  82. Bowers & Ruddy - The Garret Collection Sales - Part 1 - November 28-29, 1979 - prices realized
  83. Bowers & Ruddy - The Garret Collection Sales - Part 2 - March 26-27, 1980 - prices realized
  84. Bowers & Ruddy - The Garret Collection Sales - Part 3 - October 1-2, 1980 - prices realized
  85. Bowers & Ruddy - The Garret Collection Sales - Part 4 - March 25-26, 1981 - prices realized
  86. Bowers and Ruddy Galleries - The United States Gold Coin Collection (Eliasberg) - October 27-29, 1982 - prices realized
  87. Stacks - Reprint of their Auction Catalog from 1935 commemorating their 50th anniversary - includes prices realized list
  88. Stacks - J. Pierpont Morgan Collection Greek and Roman Coins - September 14, 1983 -prices realized
  89. Stacks - The Amon G. Carter, Jr. Family collection of US Gold, Silver & Copper Coins - January 18-21, 1984 - prices realized
  90. Stacks - The Richard Picker Collection of Colonial & Early American Coins - October 24, 1984 - prices realized
  91. Stacks - The Magnificent Herman Halpern Collection of US Large Cents - March 16-17, 1988
  92. Stacks - The L.R. French, Jr. Family Collecction of US Silver Dollars - January 18, 1989 - prices realized
  93. Stacks - John Whitney Walter Collection - a complete series of Men of Rome Gold and Silver coins 82BC - 235AD - Nov. 29, 1990

Minutes of the 1015th Meeting

President Mark Wieclaw called the 1015th meeting of the Chicago Coin Club to order on July 9, 2003 at 7:00PM. The meeting was held at 1 Bank One Plaza.

The minutes for June were approved.

There were no guests present. There were eleven members present.

First Vice-President Bob Feiler talked about upcoming programs. First Vice-President Bob Feiler introduced the speaker for the evening Don Dool. The topic was Numismatic Finds of San Martin.

First Vice-President Bob Feiler thanked Don for his lecture and presented him with the CCC speaker's medal and an ANA educational award.

There were six participants in the evening's show and tell. They presented as follows:

Reading of Applications for Membership:
There were no readings for membership.

Old Business:
Lyle Daly discussed choice of rooms for banquet.

Carl Wolf discussed possible speaker for banquet.

New Business:
The club sold $276.00 worth of merchandise at the Mid-America Show.

Jack Huggins, President of ILNA asked Carl Wolf if the club could do an educational program at their show. Carl is looking for speakers.

The problems with having a meeting in conjunction with the Mid-America show were discussed. It is difficult to find speakers that attract a good turnout for the meeting at that venue.

Meeting adjourned 9:10 PM

Respectfully submitted by Bob Weinstein

Minutes of the 1016th Meeting

President Mark Wieclaw called the 1016th meeting of the Chicago Coin Club to order on August 13, 2003 at 7:00PM. The meeting was held at 1 Bank One Plaza.

The minutes for July were not available for publication.

Treasurers Report:

TCF Checking Account $2,459.01
Bank One CD 1,456.01
Bank One CD 1,457.39
Dreyfus Money Market 1,869.83
TOTAL $7,242.24

There were no guests present. There were seventeen members present.

First Vice-President Bob Feiler talked about upcoming programs. First Vice-President Bob Feiler introduced the speaker for the evening Mike Metras. The topic was Early Trains on Obsolete Currency.

First Vice-President Bob Feiler thanked Mike for his lecture and presented him with the CCC speaker's medal and an ANA educational award.

There were nine participants in the evening's show and tell. They presented as follows:

Reading of Applications for Membership:
There were no readings for membership.

Old Business:
Lyle Daly talked about the success of the roundtable discussion group. Future meeting site TBA.

Mark Wieclaw said that the 85th Anniversary committee would meet in September.

Lyle Daly requested a deposit for the banquet room at Marcello's

New Business:
Bob Leonard sold $87.00 worth of club material at ANA show. He also found a dealer with a good price on Chinese Tally sticks. Bob would like that to be next years CICF give-a-way. Motion was passed to buy 200 pieces at $1.75 each.

Members were asked to write their congressman about the Iraq antiquities bill which could negatively impact the hobby.

Mark Wieclaw talked about the 2006 ANA show. St. Louis has a problem so we may be able to get that date. Bob Leonard spoke to Brenda Bishop the ANA show coordinator and we could know by next month.

Club member Charles Ricard has earned the Faran Zerbe award.

Mark Wieclaw discussed the upcoming ILNA election and attempts to change the constitution. He urged members to vote no on the changes.

Paul Johnson reminded members that the Ancient Coin Club of Chicago meets on the fourth Monday of the month. Their website is

Meeting adjourned 9:00 PM

Respectfully submitted by Bob Weinstein

Our 1019th Meeting

Date:November 12, 2003
Time:7:00 PM
Location:Downtown Chicago
1 Bank One Plaza Building (formerly the First National Bank Building); 18th Floor, on Dearborn between Madison and Monroe. Enter the building at the South entrance of the Dearborn side, sign in at the security desk and take the elevator to the 18th floor.
Please remember the security measures at our meeting building: give a club officer the names of all your guests prior to the meeting day; and everyone must show their photo-ID at the security desk.
Member Auction: Although the deadline for listing lots in the Chatter is past, you can still bring your lots with you to the November meeting. In the past few years, club related material (and Chicago area numismatic items) have realized the best results. Please consider using the club auction to dispose of the numismatic items you no longer need.

You can place a reserve on each lot, and there is no commission charged to either the buyer or seller. Auction lot viewing will be held before the meeting starts, and again briefly before the auction starts.

Please find elsewhere in this issue of the Chatter a listing of all auction lots that were known to us by Friday, October 24.

Important Dates

November 12 CCC Meeting - Club Auction - no featured speaker
December 10 CCC Meeting - Annual Banquet - Featured Speaker - Dr. Susan Solway, Professor of Art History, DePaul University on Numismatic Journeys into Medieval Art and Culture

Birthday and Year Joined

December 6 Allen H. Meyer 1990
December 6 M. Michael Williams 2000
December 7 Brian C. Stubbs 1980
December 10 Mike Gasvoda 1995
December 16 Michael Schmidt 2000
December 19 William Noble 1980
December 26 Kevin J. Blocker 2000
December 29 Nick Weiss 1996
December 31 Phillip J. Carrigan 1989

Chatter Matter

All correspondence pertaining to Club matters should be addressed to the Secretary and mailed to:

P.O. Box 2301

Visit Our Web Site

Contacting Your Editor

Paul R. Hybert

Club Officers

Mark Wieclaw- President
Robert Feiler- First Vice President
Jeff Rosinia- Second Vice President
Directors:Lyle Daly
Mike Metras
Steve Zitowsky
Carl Wolf
Other positions held are:
Robert Weinstein- Secretary
Steve Zitowsky- Treasurer
Paul Hybert- Chatter Editor
Phil Carrigan- Archivist