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Chicago Coin Club
Volume 47 No. 11 November 2001

Editor's Notes

I direct your attention to the Minutes of the Board of Director's Meeting, where a new building security policy is announced for our meeting site; a club member must show a photo ID to enter the building, and a guest must pre-register with a club officer and have a photo ID.

Paul Hybert, editor

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting
October 25, 2001

The meeting was called to order by President Carl Wolf at 6:45 PM with five Board members present: Don Dool (2nd VP), Jeff Rosinia (Director), William Burd (Director) and Mark Wieclaw (Immediate Past-President). Robert Leonard, a Past-President was in attendance at the invitation of Carl Wolf. The meeting was held at Connie's Pizza, 2373 S. Archer Avenue.

Jeff Rosinia reported on new security procedures at Bank One. It includes the Club submitting to the guard desk a list of all members, without addresses. On meeting nights, attendees must show a photo I.D. and have their name on the list to be allowed into the building. Guests must be pre-registered with a Club Officer or must be approved in person at the lobby guard desk by a Bank One employee. At least one employee from Bank One must be in attendance at every meeting. A motion was unanimously passed to accept these new procedures and instruct the Secretary to compile and submit the membership list to the appropriate people.

Jeff reported that reservations have been made at the Mid-Day Club for the December 12th Annual Banquet. The back corner room that we had for our 1998-99 events is reserved. The menu will be decided at the November 14th meeting. Carl Wolf volunteered to approach a local coin dealer to pay for complimentary hors d'oeuvres and appetizers. (People with questions about the banquet should contact Carl Wolf, at

After an exchange of ideas for the Club's souvenir sheet at the Chicago Paper Money Exposition, a motion was unanimously passed that we begin a new series focusing on Chicago's National Bank Notes, with the First National Bank of Chicago to be the first issue. Bill Burd and Jeff Rosinia volunteered to spearhead this first issue.

Many names and topics were discussed as potential speakers for the regular 2002 club meetings and the special meetings to be held at the CPMX, the CICF and the 1000th Meeting Banquet. A motion was unanimously passed directing Paul Hybert, the club webmaster, to change Web servers and register as our new Web address.

Robert Leonard reported on the American Numismatic Association's decision to hold their 2008 convention in St. Louis. After a discussion a motion was made and unanimously passed that the Club notify the ANA that we intend to submit a bid for two conventions. One will be the 2019 Convention that will be our 100th Anniversary year, plus another year prior to this since waiting twenty years between visits to Chicago is too long. Different formal presentation ideas were discussed and Robert Leonard volunteered to head up this project.

Carl Wolf brought a carton of material donated from the estate of Marcella Sheldon for inspection. It was agreed that everything could go on the November auction with the exception of two lots that should be submitted to a national auction firm where it can realize a higher price. Carl announced there is more material that needs to be reviewed by knowledgeable members.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Respectfully Submitted, Carl Wolf, President

Show and Tell

October 10, 2001

Each image has a scale in the lower-left corner, with the tics spaced 1 mm apart. Because the brightness and contrast were manipulated on a computer, the coloring of a coin's image differs from the coin's actual coloring.

  1. Reid Geisler started our program with some recent error coins. A 2001 Denver cent, broad-struck and stretched, was followed by a Sacagawea dollar on a clipped planchet.
  2. Recently returned from a trip to Turkey with his wife, Bob Leonard, recounted his many experiences, starting with his arrival in Turkey on September 11, 2001. The tour went on, and included the site of a Neolithic village occupied from 6800 to 5800 BC. Located near volcanoes, the village prospered from the obsidian trade (for more information on the use of obsidian, refer to his hand-out for a recent CICF);
  3. Mike Metras brought an item acquired at auction the previous week; a sheet of notes from the Western Exchange Fire & Marine Insurance Company of Omaha. Signed by the Secretary but not the President, these have two train vignettes, a buffalo hunt, and a steam boat named Omaha.
  4. Ancient coins bearing either the Wolf and Twins motif, or an owl, were shown by Mark Wieclaw.
  5. Carl Wolf showed the latest in his series of mounted primitive money, a carved ivory bracelet from Africa. Prior to the appearance of European traders on the African continent, ivory was hoarded and considered a valuable possession. It was easy to carve, had a patina that became more beautiful with age and was believed to hold magical powers. Starting in the fifteenth century, as traders sent it back to Europe by the boatload, it quickly evolved into a medium of exchange and a popular trade item. In some areas, ivory went beyond being a symbol of wealth and actually reached the status of money. Records up through the nineteenth century show prices quoted and fines levied in the weight of ivory.
  6. From the recent Milwaukee show, Sharon Blocker showed some odd and curious pieces that had caught her eye.
  7. Don Dool showed a number of copper coins from India:
  8. Two idols were shown by Harlan Berk. From the Vinça culture (located along the Vinça River of Jugoslavia) and dating from 4,500 to 3,000 BC, these idols had been broken ritualistically.

Member Auction
November 14, 2001

The auction starts with donations to the club, followed by lots from members. The lots from the first consignor start at number 101, the second consignor's lots start at number 201, and so on.

Lots with a reserve have the reserve shown in parentheses, at the end of the lot description.

Donated items, all proceeds to the club.

  1. Chicago Coin Club Medal commemorating the 500th Meeting in 1960. Medal is barrel shaped and is bronze. (Donated by club member Michael Dolnick)
  2. Chicago Coin Club Medal commemorating the Seventy-fifth Anniversary. "The Discoverers" plaquette in bronze.. Approx. 2 by 3 inches. (Donated by club member William A. Burd)

    From Marcella Sheldon Estate:
  3. Chicago Coin Club publications. By-Laws dated 2/14/19; membership and by-laws dated 1935; another dated 1938; another dated 1941, 1941 pamphlet Annual Banquet; Early Illinois Paper Money by R. Edward Davis; 36 Bulletins ranging from the 1st issue March 1936 to the Annual Bulletin of 1976; 7 annual banquet pamphlets. A great group that will see spirited bidding.
  4. Bowers and Ruddy Galleries Auction Catalog "The United States Gold Coin Collection" October 27-29, 1982. Autographed to Mrs. Sheldon by Richard Bagg, then Research Associate at Bowers.
  5. Bowers and Merena Galleries Auction Catalogs "The Virgil M. Brand Collection" Part I November 7-8, 1983 and Part II June 18-19, 1984.
  6. Bowers and Merena, Inc. Auction Catalog "Admiral Oscar H. Dodson and Dr. Richard L. Collier" June 19-21, 1984 with Prices Realized list.
  7. Two Bowers and Merena, Inc. auction catalogs. "Arthur Sipe and Everett Ness" auction January 26-28, 1984 and"Danny Arnold and Romisa" auction September 17-19, 1984. Both with prices realized list.
  8. Bowers and Merena, Inc. Auction Catalog "Rudy Sieck and Roy Harte" March 26-28, 1984 with prices realized list.
  9. Six Bowers and Ruddy catalogs. 5 are auction catalogs and one is a fixed price list. Mainly represents world coins. Sales from 1977 to 1982.
  10. Two booklets by former Chicago Coin Club members. Evolution of the Silver Dollar by William A. Schneider and Landseer Paintings Used on Paper Money by Glenn B. Smedley. Both about 1959.
  11. Three American Numismatic Society Annual Reports. 1969, 1970 and 1972.
  12. American Numismatic Association Convention booklets for St. Louis, Boston, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Etc. 18 pamphlets some duplicates.
  13. Miscellaneous Central States Numismatic Society publication The Centinel from 1967 to 1974 15 copies. Also 2 FUN pamphlets.
  14. Miscellaneous American Numismatic Association literature. 2 Numismatists, 1 Club Bulletin, and a pamphlet introducing M. Vernon Sheldon who was running for General Secretary position at ANA 1938 (2 copies).
  15. Miscellaneous numismatic related pamphlets. 11 items - some duplication.
  16. Chicago Coin Club publications. Bulletin Vol 1, No. 2; Vol 1, No. 4; Vol 5, No. 5; 500th Meeting Booklet; 1962 Fall Festival pamphlet; Bulletin for 1969 Golden Anniversary; and Constitution and By-Laws. 7 items total plus a few notes by Mrs. Sheldon.
  17. Chicago Coin Club Bulletin Volume 1, No. 2 dated July 1936 and 500th Meeting Booklet dated 1960.
  18. Florida United Numismatist, Inc. (FUN) Topics. 5 copies from June 1971 to March 1972
  19. A catalog of Modern World Coins Seventh Edition by R. S. Yeoman dated 1967.
  20. A Guide Book of United States Coins (Red Book) 33rd Edition 1980 by R.S. Yeoman.
  21. General interest numismatic clippings. From the 1980s and 1990s. Interesting reading.

Items from individual consignors.

  1. Medal from C. D. Peacock dated 1837-1937 commemorating 100 years in business. Imbedded in the medal is a tiny piece from the Company's safe that survived the Chicago Fire. Uncirculated condition with some spotting.
  2. Imitation of a $50.00 Gold slug used in California in the mid 1850s. Excellent condition
  3. Coin envelope with insignia of B. Max Mehl. Envelope once housed a 1932 Quarter in uncirculated condition. Envelope in fair condition.
  4. Uniface trial strike of the Chicago Numismatic Society annual medal for 1906. Reads "TO MEMBERS WHO HONORED THE SOCIETY BY JOININIG ITS RANKS IN 1906 THIRD YEAR" Outlined in stars. (Note misspelling of JOINING!).
  5. A reprint of Numismatic Scrapbook January 1935 on the occasion of the 37th Anniversary CSNS Convention Banquet on May 1, 1976 hosted by the Chicago Coin Club.
  6. A Wooden Nickel(?) - 2 inch by 3 inch plywood block commemorating the 15th Anniversary (1934-1949) of the Chicago Numismatic Roundtable. It is autographed by the members. It is serial number 060.
  7. US Rare Coin Value Guide listing prices paid for all US Coins from 1793 to 1948. This was issued by Harry X Boosel with his name and address on cover of book. This was actually a generic book that was sold to coin dealers in bulk and personalized with their name and address. A "Boosel" book is considered to be extremely scarce.
  8. Ben's Coin Co. Auction Catalog dated October 13-15, 1961. Auction held in conjunction with the Chicago Coin Club Fall Festival of 1961. Catalog like new condition.
  9. United States Pattern, Experimental and Trial Pieces by J. Hewitt Judd, M.D., sixth edition. New condition. Harry Boosel is mentioned in the preface by Abe Kosoff. Autographed by Boosel.
  10. 4 wood blocks with coin designs used to place coin impressions on paper. Includes obverse and reverse of $10 Gold coin and Buffalo Nickel.
  11. Envelope issued by the Chicago Numismatic Round Table commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the Lincoln Cent in 1959. The envelope is postmarked Mar 23, 1961 and is from Dr. Rackus to Mr. C. Sam Carlson.
  12. United Kingdom Proof Coin Collection dated 1983 issued by the Royal Mint with original packaging and papers. Total of 8 coins.
  13. 1939 New York ANA Convention Medal with ribbon
  14. 1940 Detroit ANA Convention badge with ribbon
  15. Chicago Coin Club Program for the "First Annual Exhibit and Ladies' Night" May 19, 1934. Includes list of Exhibits and an Auction plus other information. 1966 Chicago ANA Convention Program. 32 pages.
  16. Souvenir Card issued to commemorate the Chicago Coin Club 800th Meeting Banquet held on September 14, 1985. Produced by Nancy and John Wilson. Number 5. Soiled on edges.
  17. Pamphlet (a Xerox copy) titled "The Resurrection of the First Columbian Half Dollars" by William A. Pettit in 1967. 15 pages and plates.
  18. Chicago Coin Club 75th Anniversary Banquet Program and Invitation. Also a napkin from the 800th meeting Banquet in 1985.
  1. Coin Galleries Auction Catalog February 27, 2001 ($1)
  2. Heritage Auction Catalog - Atlanta ANA Signature Sale August 8-11, 2001 ($3)
  3. Sotheby's / Stacks Auction Catalog - Dallas Bank Collection Oct 29-30, 2001 ($5)
  4. International Bank Note Society Journal Vol 39, No 4, 2000 ($5)
  5. Penny Whimsy by W. H. Sheldon (with Paschal and Breen) 1976, hardbound With dust jacket 340 pages 51 plates. New. ($30)
  6. Cob Coinage of Columbia by J. R. Lasser and J. E. Restrepo 1998 hardbound 150 pages. New. ($40)
  1. 2001 U.S. mint set ($10)
  2. 1921 Morgan Dollar ($10)
  3. 3 Cuban Pesos ($20 for all three)
  4. Netherland Antilles - 2 1/2 Gulden - 1944 ($4)
  5. Netherland Antilles - 25 Gulden - 1976 - Proof Sterling Silver - ($15)
  6. U.S. Columbian Half Dollar - 1893 - F ($5)
  1. Coin World Guide to US Coins dated 1991, new condition
  2. Coin World Guide to US Coins dated 2000, new condition
  3. Metropolitan Coin Club of Atlanta & Georgia Numismatic Association, Special Publication for 2001 ANA Convention
  4. Whitman World Coin News - 2 booklets on collecting
  5. Classical Numismatic Review. 5 Issues, Vol #s XVI-2, XVI-4, XVII-2, XX-1, XX-2.
  1. Chicago Coin Club 80th Anniversary medal, 8.2  oz., 10 kt gold ($2750)
  2. Chicago Coin Club 80th Anniversary medal, 7.3  oz., sterling silver ($165)
  3. Chicago Coin Club 80th Anniversary medal, bronze ($38.50)

Our 994th Meeting

Date:November 14, 2001
Time:7:00 PM
Location:Downtown Chicago
Member Auction: Although the deadline for listing lots in the Chatter is past, you can still bring your lots with you to the November meeting. In the past few years, club related material (and Chicago area numismatic items) have realized the best results. Please consider using the club auction to dispose of the numismatic items you no longer need.

You can place a reserve on each lot, and there is no commission charged to either the buyer or seller. Auction lot viewing will be held before the meeting starts, and again briefly before the auction starts.

Please find elsewhere in this issue of the Chatter a listing of all auction lots that were known to us by Friday, October 26.

Important Dates

November 14 CCC Meeting - Club Auction - no featured speaker
December 12 CCC Meeting - Annual Banquet Meeting - Featured Speaker - Reid Geisler on Error Coins
March 1-3 8th Annual Chicago Paper Money Expo (CPMX) at the Holiday Inn O'Hare, 5440 North River Road, Rosemont. Admission is $5.
April 5-7 27th Annual Chicago International Coin Fair (CICF) at the Holiday Inn O'Hare, 5440 North River Road, Rosemont. Admission is $5.
June 28-30 21st Annual MidAmerica Coin Expo at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, 5555 North River Road, Rosemont. Admission is $5.

Birthday and Year Joined

December 6 Allen H. Meyer 1990
December 6 M. Michael Williams 2000
December 7 Brian C. Stubbs 1980
December 9 Howard Eisenberg 1963
December 10 Mike Gasvoda 1995
December 16 Michael Schmidt 2000
December 19 Bill Grundy 1980
December 26 Kevin J. Blocker 2000
December 29 Nick Weiss 1996
December 31 Philip J. Carrigan 1989

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