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Chicago Coin Club
Volume 46 No. 7 July 2000

Editor's Notes

This issue is early (and small) because I am leaving soon on a vacation, and the next issue will be a little late (and larger) because my vacation will be long. Look for that issue just before the August meeting, another meeting which I will miss because of ANA in Philadelphia. Will any other local member also attend ANA? Would you like to submit a trip report?

Paul Hybert, editor

Minutes of the 977th Meeting

The 977th meeting of the Chicago Coin Club was called to order by president Carl Wolf on June 14th, 20007 PM, Bank One, 18th floor Bank One Plaza Chicago, IL. Minutes from the May meeting were approved and the treasurer's report was read and approved. Guests for the evening were Kevin Dailey and M. Michael Williams.

First VP Steve Zitowsky introduced member Bob Weinstein who spoke on the coinage of the Sakas. Bob received the featured speaker medal and the ANA Educational Certificate at the end of his presentation.

Steve also informed members that Kevin Dailey will host a progarm of Coin Jeopardy next month in July. Currently, there is no featured speaker scheduled for August while in September Clifford Priest of Elgin, IL will speak on Chicagoland stock certificates.

Exhibitors for the evening were as follows:

  1. Robert Leonard - Venetian ducat and imitations;
  2. Carl Wolf - 1895 Russian Bond, new dollar coin Thank You note, Beistle Corp. bronze medal, and books on trade beads;
  3. Mark Wieclaw - Items made from coins in memory of Harry Flower, ancient coins, gold eagles of year 2000;
  4. Donald H. Dool - various European coins and tax warrant;
  5. Robert Weinstein - ancient coins and barbarous imitations.

The first order of old business was to observe a moment of soilence for long time member Harry Flower who passed away recently. Mark Wieclaw read a card from Brenda Bishop, ANA Convention Coordinator, acknowledging past work of the Chicago Coin Club at prior ANA convention and looking forward to this year's convention in Philadelphia.

For new business, Don Dool has been appointed publicity chairman. Also, Carl read a letter and showed photos from Chuck Menard showing a coffee table exhibiting all of his CCC memorabilia and medals.

Meeting adjourned 9:10 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Richard Hamilton

Speaker's Wor[l]d
The Coinage of the Sakas

(The write-up will appear in the next Chatter.)

Show and Tell

  1. Bob Leonard started us off with some gold coins from Venice and the Levantine states. After using an atlas to show the locations of the four mints which produced the coins to be shown, Bob showed the original piece and then three imitations of it:

  2. Carl Wolf brought in a wide range of material:

  3. Mark Wieclaw started with a group of items made out of or with coins: a bowl with a Maria Theresa Thaler, a bowl with an 1896 Peruvian 1 sol, and a small spoon with a 1943 U.S. dime on the handle tip. Next were some one ounce U.S. Eagles (current $50 gold bullion pieces); one was slabbed MS70 by ICG, but its pits and nicks made it appear much worse than some raw specimens brought for comparison. Which brought us to the main event - ancients:

  4. Medieval European copper pieces was the starting theme for Don Dool who showed:

  5. Bob Weinstein concluded the program with his continuing fascination with barbarous imitations. This evening was special in that Bob showed an original piece corresponding to each imitation:

Our 978th Meeting

Date:July 12, 2000
Time:7:00 PM
Location:Bank One Plaza Building (formerly the First National Bank Building) 18th Floor, on Dearborn between Madison and Monroe. Enter the building at the South entrance of the Dearborn side, sign in at the security desk and take the elevator to the 18th floor.
Featured Program:Kevin Dailey - The Numismatic `Jeopardy' Game
Similar to the television show, and similar to the World Series of Numismatics at the ANA annual convention, this evening should entertain as well as educate you (unless, of course, you know everything already). Teams will be formed at the meeting.

Important Dates

Jul12 CCC Meeting - Featured Speaker - Kevin Dailey with The Numismatic `Jeopardy' Game.
Aug9 CCC Meeting - no Featured Speaker yet
Aug9-13 ANA convention in Philadelphia - at least 5 local members going
Sep13 CCC Meeting - Featured Speaker - Cliff Priest on Chicagoland Stock Certificates.

Birthday and Year Joined

August1Reid J. Geisler
August2William Swoger
August11Clifford Mishler
August15Steven R. Rodin
August19Carl F. Wolf
August20Melvyn Frear
August26Tom DeLorey
August26Donald H. Doswell
August29James M. Rondinelli
August31Clarence R. Wills

Chatter Matter

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Club Officers

Carl Wolf- President
Steven Zitowsky- First Vice President
Robert Feiler- Second Vice President
Directors:Paul Hybert
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Mark Wieclaw
Other positions held are:
Richard Hamilton- Secretary Treasurer
Paul Hybert- Chatter Editor
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